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What is Quest?

Alcohol de-addiction is a journey that users take.
It's a two prong process. 

In one part of this journey the users gain the knowledge to understand alcohol as a substance, the science behind addiction and the effects alcohol has on their minds and body.

The other part enables the users to reflect upon the effects of alcohol on their personal, professional and social lives. They get to understand the cost benefit of drinking and quitting and that there’s so much more to life than just alcohol.

Quest is that journey.


My role.

As a UX/UI designer for the project, I was responsible for:

  • Creating user centric designs by keeping in mind the scenarios,

  • UX copywriting to present the content in consumable nuggets to the user,

  • Wire-framing and user-interface design based on material design principles,

  • Working closely with the developer to tackle challenges in development phase,

  • Ensuring privacy standards for users.

The application is developed as a POC for research purposes with the team at National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (Nimhans), Bengaluru. Since the project is still in development, I will not be able to share more details about the application.

However, I would be happy to discuss it offline.

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